Dementia / EMI Care


We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to move into full-time care – a decision that can be especially harder for both resident and family when the person is living with dementia. Our commitment is to support every resident positively in leading an active, fulfilled and happy life. We never forget that we’re dealing with a person first, and dementia second

All our homes offer a safe, secure environment that aims to provide both stability and stimulation to our residents. Our experienced, qualified team is highly trained and deliver a high standard of dementia care, building a relationship to meet the individual needs of each person.

Our care team is able to understand each resident’s needs, requirements and feelings and provide genuine care accordingly. We encourage residents to maintain familiar routines and activities so that life has a meaning, but not to the extent that life is a regimented and inflexible regime!

As we are dual registered (to provide personal care as well as nursing care) we are able to cope if a resident’s condition deteriorates and they require a higher level of care, removing the unnecessary trauma of a person with dementia having to leave their familiar surroundings to be able to receive a different level of care in the future.