Residential & Personal Care

residential and personal care

Within our homes we offer an exceptional level of personal care. Our trained, professional and friendly staff of carers provide round the clock care designed to help you keep your independence yet be comforted by the knowledge that help is always there if you need it.

Our carers are happy to assist you with your personal hygiene routine, bathing washing, shaving and oral hygiene. This also includes discrete and understanding assistance with toileting and any incontinence-related issues such as changing bedding and laundry.

The caring staff in our homes are also trained to help with your medication and other basic health treatments, such as the application of simple dressings, lotions and creams or help with oxygen therapy.

If your assistance needs are more physical in nature, such as getting up out of a chair, or help in going to bed, our staff will be there to help. Any task, no matter how small, is too much trouble, whether its help with dressing or using a surgical appliance, or opening an envelope or using a mechanical aid.

All our homes also offer a wide range of counselling and support services. We can help with all manner of issues through carefully managed programmes of support and counselling. Where necessary we can provide a range of services with everything from behavioural therapy to reminding devices to help you deal with any challenges you face.

We understand that mealtimes are an important social time of the day, and that a nice meal can be a real highlight of the day. All our meals are freshly cooked, and designed to provide a balanced and nutritious diet. We can cater for all manner of special dietary requirements, whether medical or religious. Our caring staff will also provide any help, where required, with eating and drinking. All our staff receive food hygiene training.