Nursing Care


Nursing Care is care that is provided by Registered Nurses and trained carers and is designed for those who are very frail or for people who are unable to care for themselves, who have numerous health care requirements in addition to requiring help with the activities of daily living ; for example washing, dressing, eating and mobility.

Nursing care, provided by Registered Nurses and trained carers, is designed for those with complex medical needs in addition to needing help with regular daily activities such as washing, dressing, eating and mobility.

The privacy and dignity of our residents is always our paramount concern, and you will be involved closely in deciding how your care is planned and delivered. In many cases a social worker or a care manager will have carried out an assessment to ascertain what level of care you require. This visit might be in your home or in hospital if you have been ill or in a residential care home.

Our nursing team is your team. They’ll take the time to get to know you and ensure that you have a personal plan designed to meet your specific needs, both now and in the future. Our homes are dual-registered to provide both personal care and nursing care, so you can be assured that however your needs may change over time, we’re there to care.

If you have complex on-going healthcare needs our team involved in your care will carry out the necessary assessment to establish if you meet the eligibility criteria for continuing healthcare where your care becomes fully funded and arrange with NHS to carry out their assessment.