Intermediate Care


The aim of intermediate Care is to provide people with a positive alternative to hospitalisation whether it’s to avoid an unnecessary trip to hospital in the first place, or to provide a proper environment for a quick recovery, or to help you relearn daily living skills so you do not need long-term support or to prevent re-admission to hospital.

Intermediate care might be considered where a person living in their own home suffers an illness that whilst not severe enough to necessitate the need for an acute hospital bed, it is serious enough to prevent them managing at home. In this case, the intermediate care could help prevent a situation deteriorating further, and aid a quicker recovery.

Another example of where intermediate care can be helpful is where a person has been admitted to hospital but is no longer in need of an acute bed but is unable to return home. Having a place to stay after their hospital stay, where they will receive proper care can in some cases enable an earlier hospital discharge.

We can offer plan of care that will enable people to recover in pleasant surroundings, with appropriate care according to individual needs, prior to resuming independent living in their own home.

These short periods of stay with us are arranged either through a GP, a social worker or the Hospital referral team but can also be arranged privately.